About CGE Photography

There is nothing like putting a camera up to my eye and getting filled with anticipation for what I will capture.  This was the exact feeling I got while I was studying for 6 years at University of Western Ontario, receiving my Masters of Science, when I was given my first “good” camera.  Up until that time I had lived my life safe and secure doing what I knew best.  It was during these years that I found myself cheating on science to create beauty thru picture.

After completing my masters, getting married and getting my first full time job, I found myself wanting to understand how I was getting some of those amazing shot.  I know longer wanted them to happen by luck but with intent, so I decided to attend Sheridan College, taking their Post-Secondary Diploma in Digital Photography. 

As part of my curriculum, 5 years ago I showed my work to a professional whose work I loved, gulp, and she took me under her wing, where I interned, gaining her trust and have honestly never looked back. 

Fast forward 5 years, one little boy extra, I am even more in love with photography than the day I start what feels like forever and ago.  I strive to ensure that your first day as husband and wife are as genuinely etched in your hearts thru the picture telling of my photos.  I care, I am honest, I am laid back, I love to have fun and I work hard.